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Committed to Protecting our Environment

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Our Company

Musical Forests Inc. is a Canadian based company that is the Holder of a Select Cut harvesting permit, we do not clear cut. We have been harvesting, preparing and selling tonewoods since 1998. Over the pasted 18 years we have developed a friendship with many of our customers worldwide and we always welcome a call or email. We do this business because we love it and we cannot think of a nobler use of wood than for a musical instrument, which can be enjoyed for years and even centuries by many generations. We are dedicated to offering our customers worldwide fast, helpful service. For 10 years, we have supplied the world's musical instrument makers and repair shops. Wherever you are, you can expect guaranteed quality, friendly service and fast shipping.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality tonewood available while acting responsibly toward our environment, we believe we are achieving this balance. Our trees are harvested in a province of Canada where very little commercial logging as occurred. We have developed new and innovative ways of harvesting, processing and transporting our tonewoods.  We harvest all of our tonewood in the winter months thus there is no impact to the forest floor. Harvesting this way allows us to offer woods  that are clearer and lighter weight. We transport all of our tonewood from the forest by snowmobile, we use NO heavy equipment. 

Our Commitment to the Environment

Musical Forests Inc. is committed to protecting the environment. We will consider the environmental impact of our products and activities while continuing to provide quality tonewoods that meet customer's needs. This includes taking a stewardship approach by addressing environmental aspects of our products in order to reduce waste and promote recycling. In order to achieve the mission of conservation and efficient use of natural resources,

  • Review manufacturing processes and consider new technologies and innovative procedures to reduce the use of and protect wildlife, energy, water and other resources, while at the same time maintaining the highest standards of product safety and quality.

  • Work with local, national and international legislators and regulators, to comply with and help create effective laws and regulations aimed at protecting the environment.

  • Design packages and packaging systems to minimize the impact on the environment and waste streams. This may include considerations of minimizing package materials and using recycled materials.

  • Consider the utilization of recycled materials in product design as well as the recycle ability of components at the end of useful life.

  • Educate employees and customers through activities that promote environmental responsibility.

  • Consider and meet the opportunities presented by evolving consumer attitudes toward the environment.

The greatest care is given to our environment, the only evidence of our presence where a tonewood tree was harvested is a stump a tree (3" diameter) top, this is left for reseeding. We only harvest in the winter months when there is a minimum of three feet of snow on the ground. There is absolutely no damage done to the forest floor. The owners, management, and employees have committed themselves to understanding their personal responsibility for the local and natural environment. Musical Forests Inc. recognizes its responsibility to take a leadership role in environmental stewardship by promoting environmental awareness, local action, and global thinking. As a way to capture this environmental ethic. All of the trees harvested by Musical Forests Inc. are SELECT CUT, WE DO NOT CLEAR CUT. We DO NOT PRODUCE OR HANDLE ANY WOOD SPECIES THAT ARE AT RISK OR ENDANGERED.

Musical Forests Inc. is committed to leading by example to integrate environmental awareness and responsibility throughout the community. Musical Forests Inc. shall

  • encourage environmentally sustainable practices in its daily decision making processes, operations planning and activities

  • undertake alternative practices and procedures to minimize negative impacts on the environment

  • integrate environmental awareness and responsibility throughout the local community

  • take into account, in the operations of the company, all appropriate economic, environmental, and social concerns.

Tonewoods for: Violin, Classical Guitar, Western Guitar, Archtop Guitar, Mandolin, and Electric Guitar/Bass